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Welcome to the Transformers vs halo vs pokemon WikiEdit

Okay people,I wanted this site to look good befor People saw it so Dont be surprised when this stuff looks old.....

Stuff that happens when transformers meet halo and they both find pokemon.Along with evey other really awsome character out there.

Let the battel for worlds begin...

It may be considerd wrong by some people to bring these two worlds together,but I say it is the right thing to do.I want to see the bloody conflict that follows thier first encounter. Its not just about transformers and halo and pokemon,they can meets other characters to. Like terminator,artemis fowl,call of duty,dead space,ben 10,generator rex,cartoons,shows,movies any thing that isnt crapy.Im counting on you to write the stories,to show the world what happems when these forces meet. Good luck. 343gspark.Edit

Hi, i am bladesofdoom.Edit

He is a vandal troll person, he does not have a wiki name.

Do you meen me? Im not a vandel and i do have a name. WHo are you anyway? What kind of name is bladsofdoom? This wiki is a work of adolesent art and should be treated as such.

true this site did not go as planned and everyone thinks it is weird... but who are you to tell me that?!?!! mdmsjssdd


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